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A collection of features, articles and news about the world of amateur dramatics and the people within it. If there's something you'd like to see featured or if you want to submit an article yourself, then please contact Jane.

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Posted by sam on 16th Nov 15 Posted by
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What’s So Good About Rehearsed Readings?

The Oast Theatre group in Kent recently arranged a rehearsed reading for one of my new plays. I had no previous connection with the group – I had simply sent off something I was working on after seeing a call for One Act submissions. When they said they had selected mine – working title ‘What you Are’, I was delighted. I was also scared. Not only would complete strangers be reading my play (eek) but I had to drive on the M25 to get there! (When it comes to motorway driving, I’m of a very nervous disposition.)

Posted by Jane on 09th Nov 15 Posted by
From 20th Nov 15 to 28th Nov 15 Event Dates
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Yes, Prime Minister

Bishopston Amateur Theatrical Society based in West Glamorgan are performing Yes, Prime Minister

Posted by sam on 06th Nov 15 Posted by
From 18th Dec 15 to 20th Dec 15 Event Dates
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Snow White’s Got Talent

Let’s get the obligatory joke out the way: My husband hates the pantomime. Oh no he doesn’t. Well yes, actually he does. Incredible, isn’t it?!

I don’t know what really gets his goat: I think he is afraid of interaction: The idea that Widow Twanky might end up on his lap. Or that he’ll end up on a winch with Tinkerbell.

So last year, when Principal Girl Productions asked me to write a pantomime script and I said, ‘Whooppeee, you betcha!’ put it this way: he wasn’t thrilled. (Oh no he wasn’t.)

Posted by Jane on 04th Nov 15 Posted by
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2015 London Theatre Survey

Take part in the 2015 London Theatre Survey and win a 4 star theatre break for two

Posted by Denise Santilli on 02nd Nov 15 Posted by
From 25th Nov 15 to 28th Nov 15 Event Dates
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Eynsham Drama Group Celebrates 40 Years

Bartholomew Players based in Oxfordshire are performing California Suite

Posted by Southend Operatic and Dramatic Society on 30th Oct 15 Posted by
From 11th Nov 15 to 14th Nov 15 Event Dates
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SODS Celebrates 125th Birthday

Southend-on-Sea Operatic and Dramatic Society based in Essex are performing Sweeney Todd

Posted by Jane on 28th Oct 15 Posted by
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Singing In The Sunshine

Ariel Drama Academy Entertains In West Sussex

Posted by sam on 23rd Oct 15 Posted by
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Strong Women

Samantha Lierens considers the role of women in writing (opinion article)

Posted by normaphillips on 13th Oct 15 Posted by
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Family Matters

Norma Phillips is concerned about the future of amateur theatre (opinion article)

Posted by kaleidoscope on 07th Oct 15 Posted by
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Acting Up

You are never too old to start Acting Up!