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A collection of features, articles and news about the world of amateur dramatics and the people within it. If there's something you'd like to see featured or if you want to submit an article yourself, then please contact Jane.

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Posted by Andy Wilkin on 29th Jul 16 Posted by
From 29th Jul 16 to 31st Jul 16 Event Dates
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Review – Our House

Andy Wilkins reviews Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch’s Community Group’s production of Our House

Posted by James R on 29th Jul 16 Posted by
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Paul Lunnon And Scenic Painters

The courses at Scenic Painters draw a wide variety of people. Some are students just out of college wanting to learn about painting scenery in order to build a career in the industry. Some are a little older, already working in the industry, people who want to improve their skills. Some are people mid career changing direction and some are not interested in making a living from painting scenery they just do it for fun. The UK is home to thousands of amateur theatre groups, many of who have their own technicians designers, makers and painters. Paul Lunnon attended all of the weekend courses offered at Scenic painters. At 66 he was the oldest student we’ve had. I caught up with him in July to talk to him about his theatre work, the courses he attended and what he’s been up to recently.

Posted by John Chapman on 27th Jul 16 Posted by
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The Last Hurrah

John rounds off his adventure with A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play For The Nation

Posted by Jane on 22nd Jul 16 Posted by
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Getting To Grips With Stage Lighting By PG Stage, Part 2

The second in a two part article about lighting your production

Dancing Backwards

Dancing Backwards is a new one act play by Alison Chaplin

Posted by Jane on 15th Jul 16 Posted by
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Getting To Grips With Stage Lighting By PG Stage, Part 1

It’s not until you need it that you realise just now important lighting is for enhancing a performance. For many people in theatre, lighting can often be an afterthought however it really can make or break a performance. Simply understanding the basics of lighting i.e. how it can set a certain mood, amplify the emotion and highlight certain elements of a performance can often be as important as finding the perfect cast and writing the script.

Whether you are new to lighting and looking to gain experience as well as a better understanding of the theatre industry as a whole, or if you are thinking of transitioning into a role where you have to use lighting in a professional capacity PG Stage have created this two part guide to impart their lighting wisdom on a sometimes forgotten about aspect on theatre.

Posted by Jane on 13th Jul 16 Posted by
From 19th Jul 16 to 23rd Jul 16 Event Dates
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Cheshire Cats

The Lichfield Players based in Staffordshire are performing Cheshire Cats

Posted by pckilner1@hotmail.co.uk on 11th Jul 16 Posted by
On 15th Jul 16 Event Dates
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Theatre Competition – 1616: Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu Festival

Organised by The Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield and London Confucius Institute SOAS

Posted by theatreinthesquare on 07th Jul 16 Posted by
From 20th Jul 16 to 23rd Jul 16 Event Dates
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The Hypochondriac

Theatre in The Square based in London are performing The Hypochondriac

Posted by baththeatreschool on 04th Jul 16 Posted by
From 14th Jul 16 to 16th Jul 16 Event Dates
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Fiddler On The Roof

Bath Theatre School based in Somerset are performing Fiddler On The Roof