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Posted by Verity Taster on 23rd Aug 16 Posted by
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Ed Fringed – Back From The ‘Burgh

Verity Taster looks back at her Edinburgh Festival 2016 experience.

And so we wave goodbye to the city of the festival for another year.

We stayed at wonderful Linwater , a tram ride away from the most beautiful shopping street in the world, with the castle on the crag and Princes St gardens beckoning, and the National Gallery- Edinburgh puts culture and history and Art above all else.

My companions were Sasquatch and his Carer, and delightful company they were.

Posted by Jane on 20th Aug 16 Posted by
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Posted by Woodfield Entertainers on 05th Aug 16 Posted by
From 15th Dec 16 to 17th Dec 16 Event Dates
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The Woodies Bring Alice To Ashtead

Woodfield Entertainers based in Surrey are performing Alice in Wonderland

Posted by Andy Wilkin on 29th Jul 16 Posted by
From 29th Jul 16 to 31st Jul 16 Event Dates
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Review – Our House

Andy Wilkins reviews Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch’s Community Group’s production of Our House

Posted by James R on 29th Jul 16 Posted by
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Paul Lunnon And Scenic Painters

Read Paul’s story

Posted by John Chapman on 27th Jul 16 Posted by
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The Last Hurrah

John rounds off his adventure with A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play For The Nation

Posted by Jane on 22nd Jul 16 Posted by
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Getting To Grips With Stage Lighting By PG Stage, Part 2

The second in a two part article about lighting your production

Dancing Backwards

Dancing Backwards is a new one act play by Alison Chaplin

Posted by Jane on 15th Jul 16 Posted by
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Getting To Grips With Stage Lighting By PG Stage, Part 1

It’s not until you need it that you realise just now important lighting is for enhancing a performance. For many people in theatre, lighting can often be an afterthought however it really can make or break a performance. Simply understanding the basics of lighting i.e. how it can set a certain mood, amplify the emotion and highlight certain elements of a performance can often be as important as finding the perfect cast and writing the script.

Whether you are new to lighting and looking to gain experience as well as a better understanding of the theatre industry as a whole, or if you are thinking of transitioning into a role where you have to use lighting in a professional capacity PG Stage have created this two part guide to impart their lighting wisdom on a sometimes forgotten about aspect on theatre.

Posted by Jane on 13th Jul 16 Posted by
From 19th Jul 16 to 23rd Jul 16 Event Dates
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Cheshire Cats

The Lichfield Players based in Staffordshire are performing Cheshire Cats