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Posted by Marketing Matt on 19th Nov 07 Posted by
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Programmes are a fantastic for three reasons! Firstly you get to give your audience information about the show and something they can take away with them. Secondly, it is a perfect place to market your group, future productions and to advertise to new members and thirdly, you can raise a lot of money through sales of and businesses advertising in the programme. Here are some top tips about making your programme a great revenue maker!

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Posted by Marketing Matt on 11th Nov 07 Posted by
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The most important element of any amateur dramatics group is their reputation!

Posted by Jonah's Jottings on 15th Oct 07 Posted by

Jonah’s Jottings Number 45 of 45

In 1957, a young London copper suffered an injury (just a busted ankle) which could have had him for the time being employed on “light duties” – assisting the station officer with desk-work, answering the telephone, that sort of thing – but he decided to resign from the best Police Force in the world until he was fit enough to resume beat duties. Already he had started using his spare time to study Theatre, so now he could join a repertory company for a short period of recovery.

Posted by Jonah's Jottings on 13th Oct 07 Posted by

Jonah’s Jottings Number 43 of 45

So I’ve been silent for a few months. Sorry if you’ve missed me, but there were reasons to do with a loss of faculties. Anyway, you could have e-mailed to say you love me…

Posted by Jonah's Jottings on 12th Oct 07 Posted by

Jonah’s Jottings Number 42 of 45

One of the most comforting experiences in a lifetime spent making plays happens when a stranger approaches and asks one to direct “our next production”. Somehow they’ve heard that one is halfway competent, they’ve believed the rumour and they’re desperate. Imagine the boost it gives one’s ego.

Posted by Jane on 23rd Jan 07 Posted by
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In the middle of last week a garage/store that Garden Suburb Theatre maintain in Finchley was broken into and a huge number of valuable costumes were stolen. They are asking all societies to keep an eye open in case anyone tries to off load these for sale.

Posted by Jane on 07th Nov 06 Posted by
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The new musical WICKED has become London’s top grossing musical, with record-breaking attendance figures and ticket sales.

Posted by Jane on 17th Oct 06 Posted by

“The nil starting rate of corporation tax has been removed. From 1 April 2006 all companies with taxable profits are liable to tax at a rate of at least 19% (Section 26, Finance Act 2006)” H M Revenue and Customs.

This new tax is of particular interest to Amateur Theatre Organisations, there are exceptions, but not enough. The link above goes to the relevant H M Revenue page of information. There is also a discussion going on in the forum about this.

Posted by Jane on 26th Sep 06 Posted by
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Despite a campaign to keep the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden open, it looks now like it will have to close. High profile actors are still trying to keep the Museum open but it looks like the contents of the Museum wil be moved to an existing Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington. The Independent Online carries a fuller story.

Posted by Jane on 01st Sep 06 Posted by
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Trevor Nunn (who has directed musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber) has publically spoken out against the “reality” TV show “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria”. Trevor Nunn will be directing Ian McKellen in King Lear at the RSC in March 2007 and says he has no plans to run “auditions” for any of his shows in the style of the TV programme.