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Posted by Jane on 12th Nov 08 Posted by
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Bob Gould is the writer of a new musical called Lovers which is currently available to amateur royalty free.

Posted by Jane on 12th Nov 08 Posted by
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Just Tickets are able to offer you 5 different sizes of either Laser or Dot Matrix printed tickets plus a choice of 12 coloured backgrounds all at reasonable prices.

Posted by Jane on 12th Nov 08 Posted by
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Langley Lighting has a large stock of conventional lighting equipment as well other equipment such as smoke machines.

Posted by Jane on 12th Nov 08 Posted by
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Mia Albright is a New York based – London affiliated playwright who offers original scripts for hire.

Posted by George on 11th Nov 08 Posted by
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This “Mini Pantomime”, specially written for a “Review” style show, takes about 20 minutes to 30 minutes to complete (but allow for audience to get involved and the songs). No set required, just the characters coming off. Costumes however are required. Of course the more bad taste in the choice of costumes the better.

Sanjh »
Posted by Jane on 10th Nov 08 Posted by
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SANJH is an experimental theatre group, with commitment to exploring creative possibilities in traditional, classical and post modernistic theatrical schools.

Posted by Jane on 10th Nov 08 Posted by
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The NDFA is an association of Independent Drama Festivals with over 50 member festivals throughout the UK. It is responsible for Full Length and One Act Festivals. The Assocation organises the annual British “All Winners” Festival which is aweek long celebration of the very best of British amateur theatre.

Posted by Teresa Hennessy on 10th Nov 08 Posted by
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Drama Association of Wales

The Drama Association of Wales (Cymdeithas Ddrama Cymru) was founded in 1934 and has been a registered charity since 1973. The Association offers a wide and varied range of services to Community Drama. Members include amateur and professional theatre practitioners, educationalists and playwrights.

Posted by MikeL on 06th Nov 08 Posted by
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All England Theatre Festival

The All England Theatre Festival organises the only country-wide eliminating contest for one-act plays in performance.

Posted by Jane on 03rd Nov 08 Posted by
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For The Steyning Festival 2009

The Company are looking for 4 – 6 unperformed shortish plays (maximum length 1 hour), from writers local to Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey.