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Are You Going To The Edinburgh Fringe Festival?

Are You Going To The Edinburgh Fringe Festival?

Can any visitors help me?

I’m a writer, currently doing a book for Chatto & Windus called Bad Rep, A Celebration of Amateur Dramatics. It is going to be exactly that – a celebration and a manifesto, and is part social history, part memoir, and loads of stories about how important amateur theatre is. I’m talking to various people up and down the country, as well as overseas, following a show from beginning to end, talking to some famous people and some who should be famous. And lots more.

I want to include the experience of taking a show to the Edinburgh fringe, and I’m looking for an amateur theatre company who is doing that this year, and who’d be willing to talk to me. I’d like to do an interview before, during and after, about expectations, the experience and reflection afterwards. Is that you and your company? Would you be up for talking? Can you drop me a line?

My email is jennylandreth [at] btinternet [dot] com.

Happy to provide more details about myself or the project, if required.

Thanks in advance.

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