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EasyFlex LED Screens Replace Backcloths

by debs@easyflexled.com13 March 2017
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Easyflex LED Screens offer a great alternative to traditional backcloths

Theatre Directors and Designers have always had to balance creating an ambitious, never-before-seen, visually stunning and innovative production whilst working on a budget tighter than an Olympic rower’s shorts.

After hiring overused backcloths plus built and painted scenery – taking multiple hours – the budget is spent and the production is a carbon-copy of other productions across the country.

Even own designed, imaginative projections fade as soon as stage lights go on and the last trace of an inspired vision fades with it. EasyFlex LED Screens have an answer.

Deb Heveran Commercial Director says, “With decades of theatrical experience, including some prestigious regional awards, we, at EasyFlex, have developed tailor-made and graphics packages for various theatre productions. We have received critical acclaim with stunning reviews and, yet, with a pricing structure that reflects the restricted budgets available to amateur groups.”

“We offer flexible, lightweight, large format LED screens, of varying sizes that can run all types of video, graphics, pictures or text. One of the real benefits of our screens are the low transport costs, as one of our standard sizes, at 5m wide x 2.5m high, gets delivered in just two flight boxes. The EasyFlex screens are quick and easy to assemble, easy to operate, very bright when required and are competitively priced. Whether you need an existing design or a tailor-made package, we’re always on the look out for production challenges and would love to hear from you!”

To contact EasyFlex LED Screens you can visit their website www.easyflexled.com or send an email to info [at] easyflexled [dot] com or call Deb direct on 07816235843.

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