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Free Script – Iphigenia In Tauris

by Ulrich Klingmann27 February 2017
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A free script “Iphigenia” is newly available for an abridged modern verse translation of Goethe’s “Iphigenia in Tauris”. If you have not read anything by Goethe, this may be an ideal text to start with! “Goethe’s play in five Scenes” – quite short – 438 verses – all the best ones. It is a libretto as well as a theatre text – just waiting for some theatre music or a contemporary score!

Goethe’s “Iphigenia in Tauris” – an iconic symbolic figure for the post-truth-alternative-fact world! Warmongers sacrificed her for the Trojan war effort – the refugee received asylum on the Krim, where she put an end to the custom of ritual killing of all foreigners. She resisted the advances of the elderly king, found a way out of killing her “cursed” brother, committed everyone to “truth between us”, persuaded all the men that she was right and was then allowed to depart into a self–determined future!

Three texts are available: The German text 1, the English text 2 and a version with Parallel texts 3. The texts can also be requested from klingmann [at] icon [dot] co [dot] za.

online also: kleines buch goethe klingmann
contact: ulrich klingmann, greyton – south africa klingmann [at] icon [dot] co [dot] za

Image: Valentin Serov – Iphigenia

About the Author

Ulrich Klingmann

Ulrich Klingmann

Born in bad times - 1941 in Berlin. Emigrated to SWA with widowed mother and siblings in 1950. Began studies at the University of Cape Town in 1961 in German literature and stayed on as lecturer till 2000. Retired since then; prompted recently by Goethe's gods to write a libretto for his "Iphigenia in Tauris" and prompted again to translate it into modern English verse. Waiting for a première on the English Amateur Stage and two composers to write two different operas, one for the English text and one for the German! How long can it take?

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