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How To Get Started In Amateur Dramatics

by Jane12 January 2009
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You’ve seen other people do it and you just know that you could do that! But you don’t know where to start! Hopefully the pointers given below will help you get started in amateur dramatics.

  • You need to find a group near you. Click on GROUPS at the top of the page, you can then search the groups by name, region, county or town.
  • If there isn’t a group near you in the database, then advertise yourself! You need to log in to the site (or register if you haven’t already).  Once logged in click on Profile options under your name.  Now click on Write at the top left of the page. You can now post an advert about yourself.  Use the help files if you need more detailed help.
  • You could try searching our productions database for a group that have performed near you (not all groups enter their details into the group’s database). Click on EVENTS at the top of page and you can search productions by name, region, county or town.

So now you’ve found a group, what happens next?

Most groups will want you to help out backstage before allowing you on the stage. Other groups will let you audition immediately and, if you’re any good, give you a part. Whatever the group’s policy is, helping out backstage is always a good way to start. You get to know the people involved with the group and backstage crew are always needed.

If you’ve never acted before then a small part or a part in a panto is the best place to start. Panto is great for newcomers as mistakes don’t matter as much as in serious plays or comedies.

However you start, you will eventually have to take part in an audition if you want to act!

Keep an eye on the website for audition notices. These can be searched for under EVENTS.

Different Directors work in different ways. Some will give you a script a couple of weeks in advance and audition you for particular parts either in front of everyone else or in a separate room. Some groups will hand out the scripts on the night and have a read through, giving different people chances at reading different parts. However a Director works, you must remember that they know what they’re doing. If you don’t get a part, it’s probably not that your were terrible, just that someone else was better or you just weren’t suited for that role. Smile and see what backstage works need doing and wait for the next production.

Also subscription fees and other fees vary from group to group. Some just charge an annual subscription fee, others will also charge a performance fee, some charge audition fees and other charge script and lib fees. Make sure you know exactly how much something will cost before you commit yourself. Ask when contacting a group about their fees.

Whatever happens you will eventually be on that stage and loving every moment of it, including the butterflies!

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