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Posted by Jane on 13th Mar 08 Posted by
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Every year in the villages, towns and cities of the United Kingdom, over 600 amateur theatre companies prepare plays for the local, regional and national festivals that form part of the National UK Festival of Community Theatre. The culmination of this is the British Final Festival of One Act Plays, where the best drama groups of the four nations come together to celebrate their work.

Posted by Grumpy on 19th Nov 07 Posted by
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Bums on seats? Of course we want bums on seats! We need the money.

Would that it were as simple as that! How many amateur companies have sold their souls – or at least their futures – to get “bums on seats”?

Sold their souls? Their futures? Is this man a total idiot?

Posted by Ray Dyer on 19th Nov 07 Posted by
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Many years ago I was working with a company at the Edinburgh Festival presenting two verse plays by Christopher Fry, The Lady’s Not For Burning and A Sleep of Prisoners. Both of these plays formed part of Fry’s vigorous output of verse drama from his earlier works with amateur groups before the war and his later works from 1948 which relied on biblical stories.

Posted by Marketing Matt on 19th Nov 07 Posted by

Your group name and image is important… you might have developed a name associated with the area you perform in… something relating to the theatre/stage or maybe just a name that sounds good and isn’t linked with anything! Whatever your group name is, there are a few handy hints on how to brand your group, develop a good name, Image, Logo and Brand.

Posted by The Hart on 19th Nov 07 Posted by

If there’s one thing you can be certain about in amateur dramatics, it’s that you can’t be sure, at any time, what will happen next, and to assume that you do is a dangerous supposition.

Posted by The Hart on 19th Nov 07 Posted by

You’d think any sane am dram society (if that isn’t a contradiction in terms) would heed that gem of age-old wisdom: “Never work with children or animals”. In reality of course, nothing could be further from the truth. In mitigation, are the little darlings not the society’s ever-enduring hope for future divas or Don Giovannis? Although if truth be told, all too often they turn out to be prima donnas instead. What is it about the tender years of youth that turn a promising youngster, unafraid to speak out before a sea of unknown faces, into the epitome of self-consciousness?

Posted by Jane on 19th Nov 07 Posted by
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Over the last few years I have seen several more amateur theatre productions than I care to remember. Some I loved, some were mediocre and some were just not my cup of tea, but all were a worthwhile experience in one way or another. However, there is one thing that has struck me, consistently, over the last year and that is the audience. The majority of them are of retirement age and obviously enjoy their night out, but one also notices the lack of young audience members.

Posted by Cliff Dix on 19th Nov 07 Posted by
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A short time ago one of the major national daily newspapers published an article praising British theatre set designers as the best in the world. The piece reminded readers of the backhanded compliment inflicted on a Broadway musical by an American critic many years ago “the audience came out whistling the sets”. The phrase referred, of course, to one of those occasions when the efforts of technical departments of a production eclipsed those of the cast.

Posted by Jane on 19th Nov 07 Posted by
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Very occasionally my mouth gets me into trouble! Actually to be honest most of the time my mouth gets me into trouble. It’s not just that I’m loud (and believe me I am, I’m one of the few actors Directors never address the remark “Could you speak a little louder so those in the back can hear?” to) it’s just that I still have to learn the meaning of the word “no”. Over the years, I’ve got myself into more scrapes than I care to remember.

Posted by Jane on 19th Nov 07 Posted by
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John Chapman died on the 3rd of September 2001 at the age of 74. During his long career he not only wrote for stage and television on his own but he also collaborated with a variety of other well-know writers.

On his own John was responsible for: