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by Marketing Matt19 November 2007

Programmes are a fantastic for three reasons! Firstly you get to give your audience information about the show and something they can take away with them. Secondly, it is a perfect place to market your group, future productions and to advertise to new members and thirdly, you can raise a lot of money through sales of and businesses advertising in the programme. Here are some top tips about making your programme a great revenue maker!

  • Producing the programme can be time consuming. It is a wise idea to get someone who is good at computers to put it together. I find it easier to use MS PowerPoint and make the programme an A4 folded document. It means that you can use the least amount of paper and get the most amount of revenue. Once you have your basic design for a production, you can use the same format for all your following productions!
  • Using 2 A4 sheets of paper folded in half will give you 8 pages in your programme (inc front and back), remember if you run out of space then you just need to add another A4 page and hey presto – you have another 4 pages in your programme.
  • A good programme needs to consist of the following:
    1. A message from the chairman or director giving a brief history of the group, its direction and the production that the programme is for – this is a perfect place to say your “thank you’s” too.
    2. A list of cast members and what parts they are playing as well as all the backstage members (use the middle pages for this).
    3. A member profile, a small picture of each cast member and a sentence about him or her – it’s interesting and is fun to read!
    4. Information about the group – website address, next production details, how to join the group etc.
  • Split the A5 page into advertising space. You will have to choose what you charge to local businesses for advertising but a good price guide would be to go with Full A5 (�40) Half A5 (�25) Quarter A5 (£15). If you have three A5 pages set aside for adverts then you would raise minimum of £120 and maximum of £180. (Dependant on the size adverts you sell.)
  • You can charge a price for your programme. I have seen people charge anything from 20p – £1.50 for a programme. However, be reasonable when you price up your programme. If you have a really nice programme with colour print and nice paper then £1 is acceptable. If it’s a one sheet photocopy then you should be charging 20p maximum!
  • BRILL TIP: When I first started my group, I designed a group logo, I then approached a company and asked them if they wanted to advertise on the group’s programmes for the next 2 years and I charged them £150. We used the back of the programme as a voucher for customers to use to get a 10% discount from the company. I then approached a small independent printing company in the near-by area and asked them for a quote on getting 2000 A4 folded covers printed in glossy colour. They quoted me less for having a sentence on the cover saying “printed by company name, location” – then I used the same front covers for all the productions and just inserted the photocopied programme inside. The programmes look amazing and you can use them for every production and no cost.

If you would like any further information about Programmes or any other suggestions for articles then please contact me.

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