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Script Available – Love On The Beach

by Jane17 January 2017
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Raymond Hopkins lives in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. In 1998 he started writing farcical comedies and donating his royalties to Multiple Sclerosis Research. His plays have been extremely successful in the UK with hundreds of productions and some summer season runs. The plays are also very popular in Australia and Europe. At the present time, over thirty-eight thousand pounds has been raised for MS research.

LOVE ON THE BEACH – Synopsis of play

Tom Millard’s world has been shattered by the unexpected death of his wife. Having now realized that life is short and precious, Tom makes a bucket list and starts working his way through it.

His first aim is to take early retirement and live by the sea. His two married daughters are unhappy about their father’s decision to live over a hundred miles away from them. They arrange for a wealthy divorcee friend called Brenda to visit Tom. The idea being that she will become romantically involved and persuade Tom to move into her house, which is close to his daughters. The only problem with this arrangement is that Tom detests Brenda.

Continuing to work his way through the bucket list, Tom has hired the services of a mature escort lady for an evening’s entertainment. By a twist of fate, the local female vicar calls round the night Tom is expecting his escort lady. Tom mistakes the vicar for his date. Brenda also makes an unwelcome visit that evening. Thereafter follows many twists and turns in this hilarious farcical comedy.

Would your group be interested in staging the world premiere of this play?

Email — mail [at] raymondhopkins [dot] com for a free reading copy.

Published: 2016
Male 2    Female 6
ISBN:- 978-0-9933857-6-6

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