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What Can amdram.co.uk Do For You?

by Jane22 October 2014 2 Comments
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Welcome to amdram.co.uk.

I assume you are reading this because you have just arrived at the web site and want to know, well, what amdram.co.uk can do for you.

amdram.co.uk is an independent website not connected with any other organisation and is not run for profit. Its aim is to help everyone involved in amateur theatre, both on and off the stage. As an individual or non commercial organisation you can use the site for free, both reading and posting information. If you are a business then a charge is made to advertise, this goes a little way towards the costs of running the website.

As an individual you can use the website to find groups, productions and auditions near you.

As a group you can advertise your group, productions and auditions to everyone who visits.

All posts are left on the website, I do not prune them. Posts can be searched and then sorted by different criteria depending on what you are looking for eg finding a group near you, searching for a previous production of a play to source props, finding an event etc.

I have written a main help page to talk you through how to register and post, but if you really get stuck you can always email me. Please remember I run the site in my spare time and it really helps if you read the help files provided.

Every post is added to our Facebook page, Tweeted (@amdramcouk) and mentioned in the weekly newsletter

Anyone can place an advert or event notice, all you have to do is register. Your email address is never passed onto anyone outside of amdram.co.uk and certainly not sold. You are automatically sent an email giving you instructions on joining our weekly email notification.  If you decide to join you can opt out at any time, by sending me an email.

The forum and the main website are separate and unfortunately you do need to register separately for both (of course you can use the same information). At the moment you need to email me to be registered for the forum.

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I'm the main honcho around here who tries to keep things running smoothly.


  • Jane
    Jane (author) said on the 14th March 2015 at 11:46 am

    Sorry for the delay in replying to this, the notification email seems to have got lost.

    As far as I’m aware most groups have problems attracting men especially 25 to 40. I wish I knew what the solution was. I can certainly write articles like you suggest, but to be honest if they’re looking at amdram.co.uk in the first place then they’re likely to be interested anyway and not need the information. I think that makes sense.

  • pinnerplayers said on the 3rd March 2015 at 11:29 am

    In my group we have no difficulty attracting large and appreciative
    audiences. Our problem is how to attract new blood, especially men
    aged 25 to 40. Even saying that previous experience is not
    essential doesn’t seem to work. How can we make amdram attractive
    to potential members? Is that something that amdram.co.uk could do,
    by putting feature articles on its home page explaining the
    delights of amdram and how it has delivered benefits to those who
    act and do the backstage work?

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