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In A Land Of Oz

In A Land Of Oz

A newly established drama society called Script to Performance is producing a first time written play called “In a Land of Oz.” The play explores a chapter of a young woman’s life, called Dorothy who lives in sunny San Diego but she has underlying issues which have risen after she receives her old high school belongings from her mother. She spends time in her room focussing on them and to her surprise, her Oz-like fantasy World re-emerges before her eyes. With this childlike experience, comes the long-repressed truth about her state of mind.

Throughout the play the audience questions Dorothy’s mental state of mind, more specifically the audience questions, “is she autistic?” The play focusses on two Worlds in Dorothy’s life: reality verses fantasy and making both apart of her life. Her journey is uneasy and challenging yet she is lead to where she needs to be. She has moved in with her boyfriend and their relationship reveals challenges that Dorothy has suppressed to fit in with society. Only time will tell if the protagonist can face her issues and find a way to cope with them.

Autism in Females
There has been research conducted by professors at University College London, (UCL) Autism Community Training, (ACT) in Canada and by The National Autism Society that the number of females undiagnosed with autism is greater than it used to be. Dr William Mandy (Senior Psychologist at University College London) has a webinar stating that back in 2009 it was 1:4 females had been diagnosed with autism and by 2011 it was 1:7, ( The research on the autism spectrum is evolving from 10 years ago. The theme of this play touches on it as Dorothy shares some traits of an individual with high functioning autism but throughout the play the audience questions her mental state of mind.

The Writer
Jessica Irwin is from Dublin, Ireland and has a BA in Business Studies and Arts Management from the Institute of Art, Design and Technology and an Arts Management. She has spent 6 years writing plays one of which was read at the Leytonstone Library Readings in 2015 and is putting on her own writing as a live performance with a newly established drama society, Script to Performance.

Show details
Script to Performance
Script to Performance is a newly formed drama society which is about to produce a newly written play in Walthamstow, East London. The society hopes to encourage new writing which looks into mental health/therapy and put the individual’s script through a creative process.
Ticket price: £10 at the door, £8 online.
Venue: Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street Walthamstow London E17 4SA
Dates: 11th, 12th, 18th & 19th May 2018
Times: Friday at 19:30 and Sat at 13:30 & 19:30
The contact details:
scripttoperformance [at] gmail [dot] com

By Jessica Irwin

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