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A major part of amdram is finding new, good and suitable scripts to perform.

Matt has been involved with all aspects of marketing and amateur dramatics for a number of years and so is the ideal chap to help improve the marketing for your amdram group.

Starting A New Group

The first thing that I will have to say about starting a new group is that you must be aware of how much work is actually involved. The group doesn’t just occur in your life during the rehearsal times … it is more likely to take over the majority of your life and have a huge impact on your spare/social time.

Script writing doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think – I can do it, then anyone can! Here’s a few top tips on how to attempt your own pantomime script.

There are many ways to advertise your production… Posters, mail shots, press releases etc… but there are also weird and wonderful ways too!

Your group name and image is important… you might have developed a name associated with the area you perform in… something relating to the theatre/stage or maybe just a name that sounds good and isn’t linked with anything! Whatever your group name is, there are a few handy hints on how to brand your group, develop a good name, Image, Logo and Brand.

Your group can always do with some extra money coming in … here are a few ways to raise that cash without breaking the bank!

Stand out from the crowd … be noticed!

Here are a few Gimmicks that have worked well in the past … give them a go!

When advertising your future performances then you will create posters. They are easy to make, print and fairly cheap … they are also probably the most effective way of advertising an amateur dramatics production. However, there are a few ways in which you can use posters to an even greater advantage!

Journalists are extremely busy people, and they love it when they can get interesting articles in their newspaper – which doesn’t involve hours of them phoning people, researching, sending photographers etc. This is fantastic because as an amateur dramatics group you want people to know about your productions, about your group, and you want the press article to be relevant, free and make your drama group sound fab!

So … write your own press releases … it’s extremely easy to do once you know how and here are a few top tips on what to do!