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StagePlays – Weekly Play Offers

by Stageplays10 October 2012
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These week’s discounts include The Astronaut’s Chair, about the race to be the first woman in space and Halcyon Days, an uplifting, bitter-sweet two-hander set in a nursing home.

And for aficionados of the Farce there’s Once Bitten, Reggie Oliver’s adaptation of the 1875 French Farce Le Procès Veauradieux.

We’ve also Lovers and Voyager, two new one act dramas from Tony Rushforth.

But we begin with a new all-female play about faith, lust and family  …

Sex & God
0 Male, 4 Female
Linda McLean
Discount Price: £8.99
 ** 10% DISCOUNT **

Four women from different moments in the twentieth century talk across time.  We meet Jane, a kitchen maid, the first in her family to move to the big city for work.  Lizzie, passionate but unskilled and permanently dodging poverty.
Halcyon Days
1 Male, 1 Female
Deirdre Kinahan
Discount Price: £8.99
 ** 10% DISCOUNT **

An uplifting, bittersweet drama set in a nursing home, celebrating friendship and the human spirit.  In the nursing-home conservatory, Sean sits alone, abandoned to his memories.  In storms Patricia, a feisty woman with a zest for life and for handsome men in wheelchairs.

Once BittenLe Proces Veauradieux
6 Male, 7 Female
Reggie Oliver from Alfred Hennequin & Alfred Delacour
Discount Price: £8.55
** 10% DISCOUNT **

Fauvinard is a Parisian barrister with no work to speak of, whose formidable mother-in-law noses shamelessly into both his private and business affairs.  He and his colleague Tardivaut fabricate a case to create an alibi for their extra-marital affairs.


1 Male, 2 Female
Tony Rushford
Discount Price: £4.75
 ** 10% DISCOUNT **

Three people have come to visit the grave of Michael, who has died of a heart attack in his early 40s.  All three loved Michael and all three have reason to mourn.  But the secrets that exist between them impede the comfort they might otherwise draw from each other.

2 Male, 2 Female
Tony Rushforth
Discount Price: £4.75
 ** 10% DISCOUNT **

One-act drama set on the deck of a cruise liner.  Margot Anderson, 44 and unmarried, has reluctantly agreed to accompany her widowed mother Isabel on a cruise of the Baltic coast.  When they encounter Stephen –  a charming widower of Isabel’s age – both women are pleased to find someone to confide in.  From the outset, Isabel stakes her claim, but it is clear that Stephen’s interest lies elsewhere.


The Astronaut’s Chair
2 Male, 3 Female
Rona Munro
Discount Price: £8.99
 ** 10% DISCOUNT **

Renee Coburg is a gritty, glamorous aviator – the fastest, highest, bravest woman in the world.  Jo Green is a determined, brilliant and much younger pilot with her eye on all Renee’s records.  They both want to be the first woman in space but there’s only one chair at the top of the rocket


Discounts of up to 50%!

Our Bargain Basement offers you discounts of up to 50% on a wide-range of quality plays & theatre-related books

Here’s one of them …

Not About Nightingales
Tennessee Williams
Discount Price: £4.50
 *** 50% DISCOUNT ***

Never before produced or published, this is an early play by the 27-year-old Tom Williams and the first play to carry his signature pen-name ‘Tennessee’.  Written in 1938 and based on an actual newspaper story, the play follows the events of a prison scandal which shocked America when convicts leading a hunger strike were locked in a steam-heated cell and roasted to death.  Williams later said, ‘I have never written anything since that could compete with its violence and horror’.

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