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For Sale – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Costumes

by kevinegg456 April 2017

County Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society from Lincoln have the following selection .

Although used them for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, they are mostly generic and could be used in other productions.

Photographs can be provided on request.

Item(s) Colour Size Comments
(Qty) Sale

Suit Lt Brown J 42” Lng matching waistcoat available for 3pc look £13.00
T 36” Reg
Waistcoat Navy 44” £5.00

Dress Red 14 £7.50

Hats Blk x5 (x4 black and x1 brown) £4.00 Each
Straw x5 childrens’ straw £2.00 Each
Straw x2 adult straw £3.00 Each

Neckerchiefs Blue x5 £1.50 Each
Red x16 Gingham style £1.00 Each

Chiffon Jacket Navy 14 – 16 ivory trim / ribbon £8.00

Jacket Red 14 £8.00
Stripe Top Red/wht 12 navy stripe £7.00

Outfit Blk/wht Sml (x2) (suit 8 – 10 dress size) £14.00 Each
Ruffle Pants White Sml (x2) £5.00 Each
Corset Black (x4) M / L / XL / 6XL (not shown in photo) £16.00 Each

Jacket Stone 40” Reg (see Act 2 folder for details of full suit) N/A
Shirt Hawaiian L £10.00

C’girl Outfit Blk/blue 14 gingham style/ tassled trim £24.00
Suede skirt Grey 14 £20.00
Boots White 7 & 8 (the size 7’s are new/unused) £19.00
Wig Brown £10.00

Veil White £5.00

Velour Dress Black 10 – 12 £20.00

Shaped Head White £7.00

Snorkel & Mask Blue £5.00
Vest White L brand new, unopened package £3.00
Pants White M brand new, unopened package £4.00

Waistcoat Black L (x2) blue trim £4.00 Each
XL (x1)

Contact – Kevin Gillingham
e-mail kevshelevents [at] outlook [dot] com

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