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Script – Dancing Backwards

front cover for Dancing BackwardsDancing Backwards is a new one act play by Alison Chaplin, published by Arts On The Move. It tells the story of Elsie Tavistock, an elderly lady with a troubled past and a dark secret. Elsie talks to strangers at the bus stop and, because no one really listens to her, she is able to tell them all about her life, her dramatic recent discoveries and to justify her need for revenge.

The staging is simple but effective, with Elsie moving between three distinct areas and from present to past and back again. There are 6F and 1M characters but the play could be performed with an all-female cast, and playing ages vary from late teens to mid-seventies.

The script reading team at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester said of the play that ‘DANCING BACKWARDS created a vivid sense of Elsie’s world and that the simplicity of the three locations gave a rich sense of Elsie as an empathetic and human character. We were particularly moved by the ending and the sense that Elsie will now have the chance to live her life.’

Although Dancing Backwards has been brought to life at a read-through by actors from Playback Theatre Manchester, it has yet to find a stage and is looking for a theatre company to perform its world premiere! The play is currently exclusively available from TreePress.  Or please call 0161 881 0868 for more information.

The first group to perform this new play can choose a free copy of any other one act play – or two mini plays – from Arts On The Move.

Select from the one act plays listed here (excludes musicals and full-length plays).

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