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by masktheatre18 June 2017
  • Jul 11th 2017 7:30 pm to Jul 15th 2017 10:00 pm
  • Jul 20th 2017 7:30 pm to Jul 22nd 2017 10:00 pm

Event Details

  • Production
  • Peterborough Mask Theatre


  • Peterborough Central Park, PE1 4d DX
  • Waterton Arms, Deeping St James, PE6 8HD
  • Crowland Abbey, PE6 0EN
  • Moonhenge, Wood Walton, PE28 5YL

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Extra Information

  • Peterborough Central Park: Tuesday 11th – Saturday 15th July 2017 – 7:30pm
    Waterton Arms, Deeping St James: Thursday 20th July – 7:30pm
    Crowland Abbey: Friday 21st July – 7:30pm
    Moonhenge, Wood Walton: Saturday 22nd July – 7:30pm

    ’s Macbeth is a play well-known to many of us, perhaps even going back to our school days where we suffered the slings and arrows of English teachers’ endless analyses of the power-crazed Monarch and his various treacheries, his over-ambitious queen and her descent into madness, and the weird sisters’ prophesies and exactly how a man could qualify as being “no woman’s son”.

    The play is brought to life in Peterborough Central Park and on tour this summer, when Mask Theatre bring you their annual Shakespearean offering. Action-packed and full of emotion, this Shakespearean play takes no prisoners!

  • Tickets are £7.50 and available through the web site or at the door at any of the venues.

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