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Outside Edge

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Date(s) - 13/10/2017
7:45 pm

Hartley Arts Group


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  • Type: Outside Edge
  • Group: Hartley Arts Group

Date:  Thursday 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th, 21st October 2017, 7.45pm curtain


  • Address: The Victoria Hall, West Green Road, Hartley Wintney, Hants, RG27 8RE

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Extra Information:

Outside Edge is a cheeky British and writer Richard Harris, who haswritten for television shows such as “A Touch of Frost” and “The Saint”, hasproduced a script full of double entendres and quick witty jokes in the traditionalBritish style.For those of you who play cricket I am sure you will have met similar charactersand for those of you who are not cricket fans then you would, I am sure havecome across one or two of these people at some time in your life!In Outside Edge the cricket takes a back seat as personalities collide when agroup of amateur cricketers get together with their wives and girlfriends for a“friendly” match at the village oval!


Roger is having trouble getting a team together for the afternoons fixture againstthe British Railways Maintenance Division Yeading East but this proves to be theleast of anyone’s worries. Bob is having marriage trouble as he is still doing oddjobs for his ex-wife behind his current wife Ginnie’s back. Dennis is also havingmarital trouble as his wife seems intent on moving house despite the fact they onlymoved recently. When he finally puts his foot down she sets fire to his new car.Kevin is trying to fight off his over affectionate wife Maggie while at the same timenurse his injured spinning finger and Alex’s new girlfriend ends up shutting herselfin the toilets having hysterics. Even Roger’s seemingly perfect marriage to Miriamhits the skids when she discovers he was playing away from home in more waysthan one on a trip to Dorking last year. Just when it seems things can’t get anyworse for them, it starts to rain.

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