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Theatre Summer School

by Gdufresne15 May 2017
  • Jul 22nd 2017 to Jul 30th 2017


LEATSS is a theatre and singing summer school held at a delightful venue in Clairefontaine, which is on the border between Belgium and Luxembourg near Arlon. The event this summer takes place between Saturday July 22nd and Sunday July 30th. This year’s them is entitled: Forging Ahead 2016 was a year of considerable political turmoil. An onslaught of wild claims and offensive jibes now seems to be the prevailing recipe for electoral success. Facts are ‘forged’ and crude and simplistic solutions peddled as ‘wonder drugs’, guaranteed to solve all problems. Cheap slogans catch the eyes and hearts of disillusioned citizens, desperate for a ‘quick fix’. How will theatre respond to the current crisis? Ranging from optimistic diversions to bleak predictions, playwrights have historically made significant contributions to similar challenges.

From Shakespeare “… one part does disdain with cause, th’other insult without all reason” (Coriolanus) and “O, while you live, tell truth and shame the devil” (Henry IV Part 1) to Brecht “Unhappy the land that needs a hero” (Galileo), playwrights have sought to reflect and respond to the world they live in by creating work that exposes and challenges injustice, attempting to shine a light on a way forward. In the Theme project at summer school this year we will be looking at playwrights and theatre companies that have sought to respond to similar upheavals and injustice in their particular era, including a wide range of material from tragedy, documentary drama and satire. Some examples that we may look at are: Miller’s The Crucible, Brecht’s Arturo Ui, Bernstein’s West Side Story, Kushner’s Angels in America, Richard Bean’s Great Britain and Gogol’s The Government Inspector.

The tutors include Phil Clark, Sue Colgrave and Pety Lily. Please visit https://www.leatss.lu/main.php for more details

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I am a singing teacher and musician involved in professional and amateur theatre. I teach training actors singing at Italia Conti and Drama Centre in London and I have been a musical director since 1985. I am artistic director of the Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School (LEATSS).

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