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How To Find Your Way Around amdram.co.uk

by Jane13 January 2009
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Yes it is very different, but once you get used to it, you’ll realise how fantastic the current design is!

If you have a question, please do not post it below this article, I might not notice it.  Please create a support ticket at this page – https://amdram.co.uk/support.


If you were registered with the old design then unfortunately you do need to register again. However, with the new design you only need one username and password for the whole site (excluding the forum) and you can recover your password via email if you forget it.

You only need to register if you wish to interact with the site. If you just want to search and read articles and posts then you don’t need to register.

To register

Scroll down to the box which says login or register
Click register
Enter your information, read and accept the Privacy Policy and then click register
Open the email that has been sent to you from wordpress [at] amdram [dot] co [dot] uk click on the link given and click log in

The front page will look exactly the same as before, except when you scroll down to the same box as before it now shows your username, under this you will see
Write an article
Profile options

Some people are reporting that they don’t have a Write an article option, if this is the case don’t worry, clicking on Profile options will take you to almost the same place.

When you return to the site you will be required to enter your username and password in the sections under Login and then click login

If you forget your password, click on the recover password link and follow the instructions.

You need to register to enter any information. Once registered everything is done via your Dashboard which is accessed via Profile Options.

Once in Profile Options you can write new posts, manage existing posts, manage your comments and change your profile and personal details.

Profile and Personal Options

Whenever you change or enter new information you need to scroll to the bottom of the screen and click update profile. Please note you cannot change your username


If you’re on the front page then you can just select Write an article and this will take you directly to the correct page.  Some people are reporting that they don’t have a Write an article option, if this is the case then click on Profile options instead.

Click on Add New at the top of the profile page and you can create a new post. Instructions for doing this can be found in the site help files found at https://amdram.co.uk/help Please note that all posts, even amendments, have to be authorised by someone in Administration, usually me.


Tags are very important. When you enter a group you must tag with at least the groups tag and the area tag. Productions must be tagged with the production type and the area tag.  To see the available tags, click Display click tags and then click on the appropriate words.


Each post should belong to only one category, either classifieds, Drama Groups or Events.

Event Editor

This is also very important. You must create dates for your event so that the dates show on the main site. If you don’t put in a start and finish time then ensure that a check mark is showing under the All Day option.


This is a few words that will show on the index pages under the headings. For most posts it is useful to give the town and county group or event is based.

Once you have entered your information, click the Submit for Review button. This will then be saved and appear on the Administrators’ screen for review and publishing. It will also appear in the Manage section of your Dashboard.



This screen shows all published posts, all posts pending review and drafts. You will only be able to access the posts you entered. The title will be in blue and will be clickable. All posts awaiting review by an Administrator will appear in the Drafts section of your Manage Dashboard. You can edit your post in the Published or Draft section, but it will not appear directly, but go back in the queue to be reviewed by an Administrator.


This will show all comments made to posts on the main site.

It is a good idea to have all previous posts made by you assigned to you. All you have to do is to write to me via the online Help Desk at https://amdram.co.uk/support Let me know your username and the amdram.co.uk URLs of the records you want assigning over to you. All posts made via the new site will automatically be assigned to your username.

The Front Page

There are now 8 main sections to the amdram.co.uk website: Articles, Groups, Events, Reviews, Classifieds, Bookshop, FAQs and Forums


Click on this link and you go to the Articles Index page. Articles are listed here in posted date, the most recent first. You click on the heading to read the full article. Next to the heading you will see who posted the article and the date they did so, as well as details of what the article has been tagged with. For example the article What Makes a Good Festival has been tagged with Festivals. Articles can be tagged with more than one relevant tag. On the right hand side of the page you will find a sub-index giving all the various sub-sections available in Articles.


Click on this link and you go to the Groups Index Page. Groups are listed here in posted date, the most recent first. You click on the group name to read the full details of the group. Next to the group name you will see who posted the group details and the date they did so, as well as the tag group and the area where the group is situated. If a group only does musicals then they might have tagged their group with musicals as well. The index on the right hand side gives all the areas available. For example, if I wanted to list all the groups in the Eastern area I would simply click on the word Eastern. Again groups are listed here in posted date, the most recent first.

If you click on the name of the user who posted the group details you will see a list of all other entries by the same user.


Any event is an event, that means productions, auditions etc. Just like the group page events are listed in posted date order with the most recent first. Auditions should be indicated in either the heading or the excerpt underneath the heading. The heading will be the title of the production and the town and county given in the excerpt. Next to the production name you will see the name of the person creating the post and the date they did so. Underneath this is the performance dates. Under the dates are the tags, for example the type of event and the area. There is again a sub-section of areas so you can see all the events appear in a particular area only.


We are encouraging reviews of just about everything! Especially performances and scripts. Let me know if you’re interested in submitting. Again the sub-index will list in posted date order. The is a sub-index on the right.


The classified section is where you will find information about suppliers, props available from other groups, requests for props, sets, costumes etc, as well as information about becoming an Extra on TV and in films. You can also ask for a group in your area as well as find people who are available. The sub-index is in date posted order, but the index on the right will help you narrow down your search.


If you’re looking for a book or script then you just might find the information here. We are currently affiliated with amazon.co.uk and receive a few pence from them if you purchase. It all goes towards the cost of running the site. If you want to submit a book or script for review or a review of something, then please do contact me.


The forums haven’t, as yet, changed. Your old forum username and password will still work. However, we are now encouraging posts for items for sale and wanted on the site, where more people will see them.

At the very top of the page on the right hand side you will see different banner ads. These are managed by amdram.co.uk and are all relevant who pay to have their advert on the amdram.co.uk website. These suppliers ensure that amdram.co.uk remains free to use for all non-commercial individuals and groups, please support us by supporting them.

At the top of the page we feature the most recent article. To the right of this we feature three other important articles, including information about theatre in London. Clicking on the green titles will take you to the relevant article.

Below the dividing line you will see the heading and excerpt from the last five posts if they don’t appear at the top of the page.

To the right of this you will see Recent Posts which lists the five last posts throughout the site including items listed at the top of the page. This box changes with each sub-section, for example in the Groups section this will list the last five groups added.

Below this you will see the Login/Register box and a recommended book or script. As we add more to the bookshop these recommendations will become more specific to the items on the page.

Under the recommended title you will see six selections from our advertisers, go to a different page or refresh and these will change. These are managed by amdram.co.uk and are all relevant organisations who pay to have their advert on the amdram.co.uk website. These suppliers ensure that amdram.co.uk remains free to use for all non-commercial individuals and groups, please support us by supporting them.

Below the Sponsors box is the Coming Events box. This lists the next ten events to happen in date happening order.

Under this is a box where you can list your favourite posts to return to the later. For example it might be a good idea to bookmark this article by clicking on Mark post as interesting. Please note this option is not available on the front page.

Most of these boxes appear on every page with slight variations to cater for the page you are viewing, for example, the Recent Posts Box will change to Recent Posts in Articles on the articles index page and show the last five posts made in that sub-section.

If you’ve got this far, well done, I did warn you that it was comprehensive! If you find something that you think should be included here that I’ve missed then drop me a line and let me know https://amdram.co.uk/support I’d love to hear from you.

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