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Free Script – The House Of Von Rimmer

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A gothic tale of skulduggery and mayhem when, on a family picnic in The Haunted Graveyard, Carl (a Troll) upsets his own family (the House of Von Rimmer) by releasing his nephew Prince Gerald (a bat), stealing the family fortune from his half-brother Prince Otto (a vampire) and his wife Christina (a werewolf), thus greatly altering the Tapestry of Life.

This triggers an event as warned by The Old Gypsy Woman. Because Christina is now unable to control her emotions, she succumbs to her own family curse (The Shadow of the Wolf) 5 times during the stage play, transmogrifying at each stage from werewolf in to a normal loving mother.

The 4-Destinies weave two prophecies in to the new Tapestry. One to ensure Gerald returns and restores the family fortune, and the other to get their own back on the Troll.

Two Ghoul Investigators, Zimmermann and Zimmermann are employed to search for Gerald, but after 10-years they almost bankrupt the House of Von Rimmer with nothing to show for it. In a show down between Otto and Carl, Otto goes missing in the Haunted Crypt’s underground tunnels. He emerges 10-years later, now a total loop-fruit and leader of a vast arm of Rats & Mice (children).

As the story hurtles towards the climax, Carl forces a deadline with Christina, the family fortune is restored, Gerald returns to the bosom of his family, Christina succumbs fully to her family curse and transmogrifies in to a normal loving mother, long dead ancestors come to life, and the Troll gets his come-uppance and is chased back to the mountains by the Rats and Mice.

OFFER – During 2017.

The House Of Von Rimmer – Comedy Stage Play – Script is offered free, no royalty fees, no performing fees, to any AM DRAM company in UK or abroad, to perform in full or in part as many times as they wish, with the proviso that all profits are used to enhance/improve their own facilities, and/or to raise much needed funds for causes they consider worthwhile.

Script and Character List available from tom [dot] rooney [at] btinternet [dot] com.


THE HOUSE OF VON RIMMER came from a memory of my elder brother Gerry in the 1950’s when he was a 10-year old Merseyside street urchin.

Late every Sunday afternoon my mother would empty her purse with the instruction to Gerry “Go and find everyone’s dinner money for the week, bring back a packet of cigarettes and 3 bottles of beer for your father, a packet of cigarettes and 2 bottles of stout for myself and enough money for new shoes for any of the siblings etc”.

Gerry, with best friend Tommy, would immediately depart for New Brighton Fairground and “play” the machines bringing back whatever was asked of them. Tommy was also under instructions from his own mother to do likewise.

The memory was brought back to me in 1990 during a sit com writing course when I was teamed up with a German Princess/socialite, whose greatest memory was of her tiara-wearing, high-neck-tyrant of a grandmother, who put the fear of God in to her during the family’s summer visits.

The theme of the writing course was for 2 strangers to be sharing the same airport hotel room after their plane was grounded on a foggy night, and they couldn’t change rooms. So how would these strangers spend the night together?

Well, they both had one thing in common. They liked to play cards and win, but they would each cheat like crazy in order to win.

And so, THE HOUSE OF VON RIMMER was conceived, which is now the story which binds them together forever.


To give something back. To share the emotional roller-coaster creating this work has given me over the years. To share the laughter and the tears, the happiness and the sadness of memories invoked. To bring light in to other people’s lives. To make the world a brighter and happier place starting in 2017.

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