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by Staged14 November 2016

Group Details

  • Type: Cross genre, everything from classical to pantomime; we like to mix things up
  • Age Range: Currently 16+ but under review
  • Meetings: Tuesday evenings, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm


  • Town: Cherry Hinton, Cambridge
  • County: Cambridgeshire
  • Region:


About the Author



Staged Cambridge is a recently launched drama group based in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge, UK. The group was created with the aim of presenting a wide range of plays from a variety of genres, and to not focus solely on one style. We are a mix of amateur and more established talent, each bringing their own unique qualities to an operation which has seen steady growth since it's formation in June 2016. We welcome all levels of ability, and invite those interested in acting or backstage production , to get involved. Currently, we meet once a week and are planning our first production.

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