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One Act Play – Kill The Lights

One Act Play – Kill The Lights

Kill The Lights
One Act Play
Lucy Daniel Raby and Duncan MacIntosh
Published by Arts on the Move
4F 4M

Kill the Lights is written by professional authors Lucy Daniel Raby and Duncan MacIntosh. It is a tense sci fi drama in one act. On a hot summer’s night, a group of squabbling teenagers are having a sleepover in a lonely farmhouse. When they are attacked by unseen alien invaders, they are forced to reconcile their differences and work together as a team.

During the course of the night, secrets are revealed as they confront each other and their own fears, learning more about each other and themselves.

This is a great new play, as yet unperformed, which has just become available for youth groups. This is a good piece for young actors and ideal for a youth theatre workshop or a one act festival and is perfect for supper nights and one act festivals.

4M 4F Running time approx. 45 mins. Download £15, Licence (covering 5 performances) £15 Only available from Arts On The Move.



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