Playstage Senior – New Writing For Older Actors

Playstage Senior – New Writing For Older Actors

Playstage Senior was started in 2008, as a writer’s co-operative, in response to the constant problem within the amateur dramatic world of being unable to cast plays because of a lack of young people in drama groups. It was felt, by our writers, that older actors were often marginalised in scripts, anyway – playing the butler, housekeeper, elderly relative etc. Or those plays that were available with parts for older actors were mostly concerned with death, care home scenarios, dementia or other depressing subjects. So, we set out to create plays that were joyous, adventurous, complicated…celebrations of age without the maudlin bits.

Some of our plays have all the best parts written for actors in the 40 – 60 age range, (barely considered middle-aged these days!), others, such as the murder mystery ANNIE, ONE, TWO, THREE has leading parts for actors in their 70s and 80s. One of our plays, OLD ACTORS NEVER DIE…They Simply Lose the Plot has been described as “Sex and the City for senior citizens”, another play, BUNKERED, about forgotten Navy personnel manning a Cold War bunker, has been described as ‘joyously bonkers’… perhaps you get the idea now? There are, of course, some parts in our plays for younger people (we’re not prejudiced against youth!) but all the bigger parts are for older actors.

Playstage Senior has since evolved into a publishing and licensing company with an impressive track record. Many of our plays have won awards for drama groups and individual actors and provided exceptional nights of entertainment for audiences.

Apart from the UK, our plays have also been performed in amateur theatres in Canada, the USA, France, South Africa, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand. In fact, we are represented in Australasia by Origin Theatrical Pty, in Sydney.

Have a look at our current catalogue online at Not only do we have full length and one act plays (comedies, drama, murder mysteries etc.) we also have some interesting alternatives to pantomimes and some new plays for light hearted murder mystery evenings.

Playstage Senior is part of the Playstage Group. The other two companies in this group are Playstage Junior and Playstage YA – both companies that sell original downloadable plays to primary and secondary schools and youth groups.

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