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Script – Cafe Brosse

Script – Cafe Brosse

Cafe Brosse
by Jean McConnell
Published by Samuel French Ltd
4M 4F

George and Seraphine run a café in a small French town

Seraphine is fed up with the drudgery of her daily life, and feels that George doesn’t appreciate her

George seeks solace with his mistress, Yvette

But Yvette is also becoming disgruntled, living in a leaky apartment and longing for a comfortable housewife’s existence

George’s friend Aramis suggests that the two women should swap lives for a while, so Seraphine duly goes to live in Yvette’s apartment and Yvette joins George in the running of the café

Unfortunately for George, Yvette is not quite the homemaker that Seraphine was, and soon he is pining for his capable and efficient wife

George’s Aunt Marie turns up and mistakes Yvette for Seraphine, whom she has never met

She proceeds to stay for two weeks, constantly criticizing Yvette’s housework

Eventually Seraphine returns home and she and Yvette agree that they were both better off where they were

But – as Aramis points out – maybe it’s George who is the real root of their problems

George agrees to go away for a while, but who should take his place …?

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