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Script – Fly

Script – Fly

Fly by Katie Douglas
Published by Josef Weinberger Plays
1F, 2M

From the Publishers:

Sammy has just returned home to the small town he grew up in to find that little has changed in the years he’s been away. His sister Louise has married his best friend Frank, but over time their marriage has spiralled into a cycle of resentment, accusation and recriminations.

Frank was – and still is – a bully, whose inability to articulate leads to frustration and violent anger. His only solace comes from the bookies, the beer and the football. And most of all from fishing on the river bank, which he clearly loves.

But Frank harbours a secret, which Sammy stumbles upon. Does he tell Louise what he’s discovered, as it will surely change all of their lives forever? What, if anything, can she do if he does – is escape from such a life, such a world, a real possibility?

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