Script – Just The Two Of Us

Script – Just The Two Of Us

Just The Two of Us
by Ros Moruzzi
Published by Samuel French Ltd
2M 6F
One Act

One-act comedy …

Matt and Ruth are looking foward to a quiet evening at home when their lives are turned upside-down by a visit from eighteen-year-old Freya and her mother, Karen

Freya has discovered that Matt is her biological father, having traced his “donation” to a clinic as an impoverished student

As Ruth and Matt struggle to come to terms with this revelation, more visitors arrive, including Matt’s mother, who’s now a granny, and “Aunty” Bev, who adds to the chaos by revealing herself as Freya’s birth mother

So who is Freya’s mum?

“The egg one?

The womb one?”

And who’s her dad?

This hilarious play explores the impact and repercussions of modern science

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