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Script – Lizzy, Darcy & Jane

Script – Lizzy, Darcy & Jane

Lizzy, Darcy & Jane by Joanna Norland
Published by Samuel French
5M 7F

From the Publishers:

Jane Austen pits her wit and will against her greatest adversary and ally – the intrepid heroine of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet

Heady with her first taste of love for the dashing Tom LeFroy, Jane Austen, aged 20, creates Elizabeth in an exuberant moment of inspiration, with Mr Darcy taking on the role of her arch enemy and reluctant admirer

But when Jane’s romance with Tom sours, she sentences Elizabeth to marry the odious Mr Collins, and herself to an equally disastrous marriage

The fates of the author, the novel and its heroine are at stake

And Elizabeth Bennet must take action

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