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Script Review – Body Double

Script Review – Body Double

Body Double
by Mark Carey
3M 2F

Body Double is a thriller written by Mark Carey and currently self-published. It premiered at the Bear Pit Theatre in Stratford upon Avon in 2016 and was professional performed at The Grand Theatre in Swansea in 2017.

I often receive emails from struggling writers wondering how to get their plays published. It’s not easy and so many good scripts never make it. But for a determined writer with an excellent script the struggle is worth it. Body Double is such a script.

I enjoyed reading this script, although it was a little confusing to start with, not least because the listed characters are playing characters within a play and the script doesn’t mention their names at the beginning. I also found the use of just the first two letters for each character confusing. But these are just minor niggles and once I settled into the script it became much easier to read.
Body Double is set in the present on the stage of a regional theatre. The set on the stage should represent a smart London flat in the 1930s. There are six characters listed, but one of these is doubled playing two different characters, Simon and Paul. This is a lovely role, and the success of the play will depend on the ability of this actor being able to play two different characters who could feasibly be the same person.

Simon is a well-known theatre actor in his 50s and vain. Simon and his wife, Joanna, a talented but fragile actress also in her 50s, are rehearsing a two-handed thriller called “Blood Relative”. The writer and director is called Martin, who is a rather weak man in his 40s. The play is being produced by the flamboyant Barry who is in his 60s and stage managed by a feisty young woman called Emma. For “Blood Relative” it is necessary to find a body double/understudy for Simon. Enter Paul who seems the perfect choice, but he has his own agenda. I don’t want to give away too much as this is a play with a couple of good twists and should keep the audience guessing until the end.

It has one set and should be fairly easy for most amateur theatre groups to stage. Combine this with a well-written script and Body Double is a play that I would encourage groups to look seriously at adding to their season, and if you do, please invite me – I would love to see this play performed.

Reviewed by Jane Dickerson

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