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Tablets (And Not The Asprin Type)

Tablets (And Not The Asprin Type)

I’m looking for a bit of help from all you wonderful Amdrammers out there in Amdramland (for those of you are not aware be advised that Amdramland is just a couple miles/kilometres down the road from Never Never Land 😉😉😉).

I am very much toying with the idea of getting myself an (Android) tablet (one with a built in stylus/pen) and transferring onto it whatever I am legally allowed to in the way of libs and scores, I have at the moment an A4 binder for my choir music that probably weighs some 2 or 3 kilos, additionally I am in 2 other musicals and the combined number of pages for both of these will more than likely be between 400 to 500 double sized A4 lib and score pages, that’s a lot of weight to be dragging around and holding at rehearsals.

The info I need from you lovely people is what are the best tablets I can use, I am not to keen on a small tablet as it is difficult to see notes or text if too small.

Just as important though is that I need to highlight my notes and/or text as well as scribble all the other stuff we write in pencil at the mo and I need your thoughts on a good bit of software that will allow me to do all of this.

Answers on a £5 note please.

Cheers me dears.


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