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The Great Christmas Cracker Heist

The Great Christmas Cracker Heist

The Great Christmas Cracker Heist
Written by Jamie Lakritz
Publisher Lazy Bee Scripts
A full-length comedy for 4M, 5F, 2 either and 1 optional child role

Are you starting to look for your Christmas production? Are you after something a little different to perform this Christmas – something other than the traditional pantomime? Can I suggest my festive comedy The Great Christmas Cracker Heist? Lots of laughs, lots of characters and something a little bit different.

“Everyone at DG Crackers is looking forward to their Christmas bonus, and the staff party. But things aren’t going as well as they seem at DG, so the staff take extreme steps to get the money they’re banking on.”

It’s basically a heist movie (think Ocean’s 11, or The Italian Job) but for the stage. It’s full of great characters – plenty of fun for all the cast. We (Brightlight Theatre in Surrey) performed it in 2016 and got one of our best ever audience reactions.

You can read it online at Lazy Bee Scripts:

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