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Script – Dead Reckoning

Script – Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning by Eric Chappell
Published by Josef Weinberger Plays
1F, 3M

From the Publishers:

A gripping psycholgical thriller, Dead Reckoning finds a renowned artist caught up in a maze of chilling mind games and deceit. When a mysterious Mr Todd arrives at painting Tony Reed’s house, Tony is forced to face the past that still haunts him and make a decision that he has only ever fantasised about. This decision leads Read and his second wife Megan into a terrifying nightmare from which there seems no escape. Who exactly is Mr Todd? Just how far is Tony Reed prepared to go? And who realling did kill his adored first wife?

Eric Chappell took up full time writing in 1973 after his first stage play The Banana Box was produced at the Apollo Theatre, London. The play later inspired the classic TV comedy Rising Damp, winner of the BAFTA award for best situation comedy. In 1979 Eric’s screen version won the Evening Standard Film award for best comedy.

Other television successes include The Squirrels, The Bounder, Home to Roost (all of which won PYE TV awards), Only When I Laugh, Duty Free, Singles, Fiddlers Three and Haggard.

Eric has written over 200 television comedy scripts and more than 20 stage plays which are performing worldwide. He is unquestionably one of the top writers of comedy in Britain today.

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